At Lake Volta, thousands of children are still being enslaved, after being sold by their own parents to human traffic dealers, who resell the children to fishermen, stealing their childhood.

These children – called kobies and kofies according to the day they were sold – work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, getting nothing back. When ill, children are brutally murdered (thrown to the alligators in the lake) by fishermen that bought them. The replacement is immediate. These children are isolated in islands, from which they can’t escape, because they can’t swim and the lake is full of alligators. They have no idea where they are, their name or age. “They are children like our children, with the same age. But they don’t know how to play and you can’t ear childhood sounds. It’s the most frightening thing, when you arrive Lake Volta – the biggest artificial lake in the world – where thousands of children work and you never listen children noises, turning the silence absolutely deafening.”

We know indifference is killing these children!

Help us giving voice to these children! Rescue smiles. Ask us how!
In spite of the approval of a law, forbidding children traffic and slavery, Ghanaian Government doesn’t do anything do punish the criminals. To this moment, there isn’t a single trafficker or fisherman in jail.

We also know these little boys and girls have dreams! When offered a paper sheet and a pencil, in scholar environment, they learn so or more quickly than any other western child. They learn counting, speaking and writing fluent English in less than 6 months. As soon as they learn to speak English, the first thing they ask is to rescue their friends, brothers and all enslaved children remaining in the Lake of Hell. We believe some day, one of these children will become President of Ghana. We are sure that the first thing he/she will do is definitely eradicate children slavery.
Until then, we will help them denouncing this deafening and criminal silence.
We are counting on you!


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