“Many people question us about how will we raise money and what for… I have to tell you, in the midst crisis, that’s not our priority. The money is important and we will need it, but it’s not the most important.”

Our biggest ambition, our vision, our goals lead to world’s awareness, regarding the cruelty of children slavery. More than a campaign, we aim to develop a global awareness movement against this crime, occurring at this very moment, in Ghana.

Under this philosophy, the ‘FILHOS DO CORAÇÃO’ campaign is launched at June 1st 2012 (International Day of Children), trying to disclose the brutal asymmetry of different children reality, throughout the world, as well as denouncing the way some of them are treated as simple objects, bought for a couple of coins and condemned to a alienated life. This campaign will end at March, 2013 

Several actions will take place:

- Launching of the book ‘Resgate’ [Rescue], written by Alexandra Borges;

- Placing of a giant strip in the ‘Cristo Rei’ monument, in Lisbon;

- Choke, in that day, of the fax and e-mail of Ghana President, as well as every Ghana’s relevant political structures (biggest opposite party, courts, Human Rights NGO’s, etc.)

Many other actions will be developed, convening our wide volunteer network, to participate and specially to share the ‘FILHOS DO CORAÇÃO’ cause. This is maybe the biggest ambition of all – turn this campaign global! We thank to all the continued cooperation, commitment and signing the petition, with the goal of achieving 1 million signatures. We cannot be accomplice of the deafening silence hiding this cruelty! It’s the indifference that is killing Ghanaian children!


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