President of “Reino dos Sonhos” (Kingdom of Dreams) 

Alexandra Borges dreams awake since she was a child. She dreamed to be a journalist. She passed through CNN, TV Globo, TVE, RTP and recently works on Deep Report TVI. She believes that it’s possible to change the world and that journalism is a powerful weapon to denounce. It was in a deep report, in which she confronted fishermen and children traffickers to pull these children from the slavery and, returned from Ghana turned upside down! Enterprising and hyperactive, she uses insomnia to work in the projects she believe in and usually wake up her friends with messages at late hours. Mother of twins aged 8, she refuses to allow their growing in a world where there is infant slavery and, therefore, decided to go forward on an international campaign against infant slavery. She wrote an infant book with Luis Figo – Filhos do Coração [Children From The Heart] – and edited a CD with the same name, which was quadruple platinum. She doesn’t sing, but the passion shown when speaking about her “Filhos do Coração” (up to 93 at the moment) is absolutely contagious. All by herself, she managed to collect € 150k and recued 13 children from the Lake of Hell, who is supporting studies for the next 10 years. She understands education as the path to freedom and believes that, one day, one of these children will become President of Ghana and end this scourge. Unresigned and irreverent, she bothers half world to get what she wants to these children because, as Alex repeatedly says: “It’s the INDIFFERENCE that is killing the children of Ghana”.
Smiling world Architect

Elisabete is an ocean of carpenterbees. Fussy since ever, chatty talker and willful, she wanted to be an Architect and work with architectural and landscape heritage. She grew up and learned. Elisabete is a mother of two wonderful smiles aged 13 and 9, and she’s still growing up and learning, to see how many smiles there are to rescue. As an enterprising person, takes advantage of every moment to dedicate to the things she believes. Refuses resignation and joined to the noble cause of defense of children rights, to allow them to have their own smile and live their childhood. Elisabete believes and dreams on a smiling world, where there is no room for children traffic of slavery. “Always smile, even if your smile is sad. Worst than a sad smile is the sadness of not being able to smile” – Anonymous
Creative Director of Wide Smiles

Professional of Graphic design, its irreverence turns him active and an unresigned human being. Graphic editor of several books and magazines, Ricardo gives priority to simplicity of production process. He is sufficiently organized, disciplined and mouthy. This emotional ‘Aries’ is truly friend of his friend. Values honesty and sincerity and refuses every day to go frivolous. Grateful to his parents and masters, for everything they teach him. He’s a bit naughty and always ready to help the needy. Hates injustice and fights every day towards a decent future for all. When Alexandra Borges went to him, he just said: “I will burn my head on this project, in which I believe”. After producing the book ‘Resgate’ [Rescue], Ricardo firmly remained with the cause, becoming responsible by the graphic image of NGO FILHOS DO CORAÇÃO, as well as an unconditional friend. The age doesn’t frighten him. He thinks there is no such thing like old age because the heart doesn’t have wrinkles, and share the idea that nine months are not enough to make a man, but sixty years are. Joker and playful, he’s with no doubt a good and genuine friend.
Smile Lawyer 

On a February day, Alexandre has born in Lisbon with the ambitious desire of changing the world. With only 5 years old, he was already at ’75 revolution [Portuguese revolution against dictatorship] with a carnation [Carnation Revolution] in his hand. He always has been the fatty boy of his class… never a bright student but, at the playground, always defended the weakest ones. Alexandre grew up and became a lawyer of innocent victims, like the sexually abused children of Casa Pia, who he defended for free. He believes in justice and noble causes. That’s because, since 2002, he’s an active member of Rotary. Likes good music and to fight for the things he believe, such as NGO Filhos do Coração, as a project that will change, at least, the world of slave Ghanaian children.
Dream Advisor 

Born in Torres Vedras during 1950’s, Maria learned very early that only honest work builds a sane mind and a dignified life! During high school, she always revealed genuine dynamics and vivacity in her daily activities. Sports became her way to vent the energy, and she scored in that field too, engraving her name in women basketball history. Maria chose Medicine, was businesswoman but the role of mother of a different child fills the most of her time. She believes the difference can’t be seen as a limitation, on the contrary, it must be enhanced as a plus. Nothing happens by chance, and the role as a mother brings Maria close to a journalistic job about different children. Soon she fell in love with the cause, making her to want more… elucidate and be elucidated, working in social causes! It grows empathy for noble causes, triggered by the report about slavery and rescue of the Ghanaian children, leading Maria to follow and help Alexandra Borges from 6 years ago. There is always a day that your true calling emerges naturally, spread the wings and fills your soul and heart. A good doctor was lost, but a woman that doesn’t know the word impossible was gained.
Fada dos Desejos

Após ter desistido do curso de arquitectura, Rita deu cambalhotas num mundo que se mostrou do avesso. Foi na viagem ao Gana, em 2009, que conheceu uma realidade assustadora que contrastava ao mais alto nível com tudo o que até então vivera. Ao longo dos 10 dias que mudaram a sua vida, registou cada minuto, viveu intensamente todos os momentos e cresceu como quem ama. Aprendeu a valorizar aquilo em que vale a pena acreditar e deixou que a entrega se fizesse sentir. Actualmente frequenta o curso de Jornalismo na Escola Superior de Comunicação Social onde crê ter encontrado o caminho a seguir. Ainda assim, quanto ao futuro não tem certezas pois em tudo aquilo que tem pela frente apenas reina a convicção de que estas crianças são tudo o que pretende abraçar.


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